First Post

Hi all, this blog was created by us (Chris and Steph) to support food lovers with home recipes, food advice, and life’s simple pleasures. Chris is a third generation chef and the chef de cuisine at home. He grew up learning to cook at an early age in his grandparents Italian restaurant in Miami and also under his fathers tutelage at home. We work full time jobs with pretty busy schedules, but in the midst of it, we believe in living a healthy lifestyle by working out and eating good.

Chris is a meat lover, whose mouth waters at the very thought of a juicy steak, while I am a pescatarian- a vegetarian, who eats fish and seafood. I guess opposites do attract? We both follow a primal/paleo style diet which consists of various animal proteins, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and some legumes. We look forward to sharing with you our scrumptious meals. They are healthy, but we will never compromise taste. We hope you enjoy the recipe ideas and our take on different foods and ingredients.


Chris and Steph


3 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Jackie says:

    Looking forward to your recipe ideas! Jorge and me are fatties at heart too…our motto “We run to Eat!” lol. -Jackie

  2. Andrea says:

    Woohooo!!! Ill be expecting an invite to a tasting pretty soon (:

    Excited to finally steal some recipes from the ultimate chef bwahahahha

  3. Mailin says:

    I love this idea! Roly & I (Rolini) have a great appreciation for food so we look forward to checking out your recipes! 🙂

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